Profile of Kiyohide Ikeda

Have broad customer base as well as actual output in IT, IP licensing, design services, and semiconductor industry. Detailed resume is available upon your request.


Nokia Japan Co., Ltd / Trolltech Japan

・Head of Sale Qt Software, Nokia Japan Co., Ltd. / Country Manager
・Licensing QT embedded software to Panasonic Communications (PCC), Sony, Yamaha, Kyocera Mita, Toyota and NEC directly as well as via partners, SRA and Nisshin Systems.

Motorola Japan Limited

・Commercial Operations Director, Motorola Japan
・Joined Motorola Japan when TTPCom was acquired by Motorola and assigned to this position, reporting to the Vice President of the North Asia region.
・Had all responsibilities of business with DoCoMo as head of mobile device div. of Motorola Japan.
・Was engaged in all phases of the development process from carrier device offer and to acceptance and certification process as well as quality issues.
・Joined LTE co-development team with DoCoMo as a contractual manager, including special localization activities

TTP Communications Plc.

・A world leading independent supplier of technology for digital wireless communications that licenses 3GSM mobile phone related IPs to semiconductor manufacturers as well as handset manufacturers around the world.
・Country Manager, Japan


・Design Service specialist
・Digital, and Mixed signal
・3G mobile phone

LSI Logic K.K.

・Director Channel Sales


Kiyohide Ikeda
2-4-5 Kawana, Fujisawa-shi
Kanagawa 251-0015 Japan
Mobile: +81-80-5883-3280
Tel: +81-466-23-6702
Fax: +81-466-23-6702

Japanese Companies we already know for example:

Panasonic, NEC, NEC EL, Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Renesas, Sharp, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Murata, Seiko Instruments, Epson, Kyocera, Docomo, Softbank, KDDI, Willcom, etc.
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